Tuscany Hollow Stables

Event Schedule 2020



1/11                           Snowbird Winter Dressage Series and Team Challenge at KHP - see above list   

1/24-26                      Rocking Horse I HT, Altoona FL (near Ocala)  

1/25-26                      Full Gallop, Aiken SC    


2/1                              Sporting Days HT I, Aiken SC  

2/5                           Full Gallop Feb I, Aiken SC    

2/6-9                        Ocala Horse Properties Winter I

2/7-9                        Pine Top Intermediate HT 

2/8                           Feb Frolic DR Schooling, Majestic Farm, Batavia, OH

2/13-16                      Rocking Horse Winter II HT, Altoona FL (near Ocala)   

2/14-16                      Paradise Farm HT, Aiken SC    

2/15                            Snowbird Winter Dressage Series and Team Challenge at KHP                          

*2/18                        FYI -Spring Bay opening date 

2/21-23                       Pine Top Advanced HT, Thomson GA   

2/22                         Pony Club Quiz, Bowling Green KY

2/25-26                     Full Gallop Feb II, Aiken SC                

2/28-3/1                    Rocking Horse Winter III HT, Altoona FL (near Ocala)   

2/29-3/1                    Chattahoochee Hills HT, Fairburn GA  

2/29-3/1                    Sporting Days HT II, Aiken SC 


3/5-8                        Red Hills Int’l 3-Day, Tallahassee FL    Short 2*, 3*, 4*

3/7-8                        Full Gallop March I, Aiken SC    

3/7-8                        March Madness DR Schooling, Majestic Farm, Batavia, OH      

3/7-8                        Southern Pines HT

3/12-15                      Ocala Horse Properties Winter II   

3/14                          Snowbird Winter Dressage Series and Team Challenge at KHP

3/13-15                      Pine Top Spring HT, Thomson GA

3/14-15                      Young Riders Camp w/Emily Beshear, Cobblestone Farm, Dexter MI

3/14-15                      Spring Into DR Success Clinic with Melissa Allen, Selena Wilson’s farm.  LDS.

3/15                          Covered Bridge PC Combined Test - Stone Place.  Str>P   pfb5678@aol.com

3/19                         Stable View Spring HT, Aiken SC  

3/18-22                     Carolina Int’l HT, Raeford NC     Short 2*, 3*, 4*  

3/21-22                      Poplar Place HT, Hamilton GA   

3/21                          Serendipity PC Spring Fling DR show, MSP     Kristin 859-312-7030

3/22                         Spring Run Dressage Show    Contact Susan Harris  

3/27-4/6                   Louisville-area schools Spring Break

3/27-29                     Rocking Horse Spring HT, Altoona FL (near Ocala)   

3/28                         Paul Frazer CT & DR show, KHP  Cyndi Greathouse 859-699-3334

3/29                         Champagne Run Mini Trial, Dressage & CT  champagnerun.com

3/29                         Full Gallop March II, Aiken SC    


4/2-5                        The Fork HT, Norwood NC    Short 2*, 3*, 4*  

4/3-5                        Chattahoochee Hills HT, Fairburn GA    Short 2*, 3*, 4*  

4/4-5                        Spring Bay HT, Masterson & KHP                    

4/4-5                        April Adventures USDF, Majestic Farm, Batavia, OH

4/8-12                       Ocala Int’l 3-Day    Long 2*, 3*  

4/10-12                      Fair Hill, Elkton MD    Short 2*, 3*, 4* 

4/11-12                      Ellesse Tzinberg DR Clinic, Alta Vista Farm.  LDS.

4/11-12                      FENCE HT, Tryon NC  

4/12                          EASTER

4/11                          Stone Place Hunter Show, sarah.younger@yahoo.com, 502-938-0556

4/12                          Stone Place Jumper Show, sarah.younger@yahoo.com, 502-938-0556

4/18                         Pipers Mini Mini in the Playpen mini-trial BS & Str div & Ride-a-Test at FCF               

4/18-19                     River Glenn Spring HT, New Market TN  

4/20                         Hawley Bennett Clinic, Carriage Station Farm, Lex.  See MSEDA web site

4/22-26                     Land Rover Kentucky 5*

4/25                         April Adventures DR Schooling, Majestic Farm, Batavia, OH    


5/2                           Derby

5/2-3                        Ride for the Roses DR I/II, Majestic Farm, USDF    Batavia OH

5/6-10                      Jersey Fresh, Allentown NJ   Long 3*, 4*; Short 3*, 4*

5/8-10                      Winona HT, Hanoverton OH      

5/9                            Sayre School CT & DR show, Masterson Station   Sally Lockhart sallyire@aol.com

5/9                          LDS Schooling DR Show, Flying Cross Farm

5/9-10                        Flying Cross Mini-Trial & DR show   BN >BS    Contact Mary Lowry

5/10                         Green Acres PC CT, Cincinnati OH    EqCtrMgr@green-acres.org

5/15-17                     Harmony in the Park Spring DR I/II, USDF     HHP

5/16                         May CT & DR Schooling, Majestic Farm, Batavia OH

5/16                         Possible YR clinic in Lex.  TBD

5/17                         Bluegrass PC CT, Nicholasville KY

5/16-17                     Chattahoochee Hills HT, Fairburn GA    

5/16-17                     Brave Horse DR USDF, Johnstown, OH

5/16-17                     Daniel Stewart Clinic, GlenAyre Farm, Crestwood, KY  contact Emily Watson

5/23-26                     Virginia HT, Lexington VA    Long 1*, 2*; Short 2*, 3*   

5/22-24                     KDA Spring Warm-Up DR, USDF   KHP

5/22-24                     May Daze HT, KHP    

5/28-31                     Indiana (IEA) HT at HHP, Edinburgh IN   N&T 3-Days


Every Wed –               Summerbird DR Julie Congleton 859-533-9924; malcomsmom@gmail.com

6/1                           Deadline for Letter of Intent to try for an Area 8 “Select Team” Challenge team.

6/3-7                       Bromont, Quebec CA.   Long 2*, 3*, 4*; Short 3*

6/6-7                       River Glenn HT, New Market TN

6/6-7                       Indy DR, USDF    HHP

6/6-7                       Majestic View DR II/III USDF, Majestic Farm, Batavia OH

6/7                          Spring Run “Big” Mini-Trial   TR-BS. Contact Susan Harris.  

6/10                          Wed @ Flying Cross/Jumping Derby Whitney Drury 558-3786, whitneyld18@gmail.com

6/13                          Blackhorse CT/ DR show, Simpsonville KY.  Rachel Miles

6/13-14                    Queeny Park, Ballwin MO  

6/13-14                    Brave Horse DR USDF, Johnstown, OH

6/14                        Champagne Run Mini Trial, Dressage & CT  champagnerun.com

6/16-18                    Mandatory team training session for NAYR candidates, KHP

6/17-19                      MidSouth Pony Club Rallies, KHP  

6/19-21                      MidSouth Pony Club HT, KHP   *mandatory NAYC team candidates HT.  

6/19-21                      Surefire HT, Purcellville VA    

6/25-28                     Fox River Valley PC HT, Barrington, IL   Long 2*; Short 2*

6/26-28                     Kim Schisler Sosebee DR Clinic, Wanaja Farm.  LDS

6/27-28                    Cobblestone Farm HT, Dexter MI

6/27-28                    Chattahoochee Hills HT, Fairburn GA   

6/27-28                     Flying Cross “Big” Mini-Trial & DR show.  N-BS. Contact Mary Lowry  

6/30-7/2                  YR Training session at Cobblestone Farm, Dexter MI



Every Wed –               Summerbird DR Julie Congleton 859-533-9924; malcomsmom@gmail.com

7/4-5                       KDA Summer Classic, USDF   KHP

7/7-9                       YR Training Camp for NAYC team, Valley View Farm, Midway, KY

7/10-12                     Champagne Run HT, KHP     

7/10-12                     Brave Horse DR USDF, Johnstown, OH

7/11                         July CT & DR Schooling, Majestic Farm, Batavia OH

7/14-20                    USPC Championships and Festival, KHP    Festival is 7/18-20

7/15                         Wed @ Flying Cross/Jumping Derby Whitney Drury 558-3786, whitneyld18@gmail.com

7/18-19                    Penny Oaks HT at HHP, Edinburgh IN  

7/25                        Horse Aid Live CT & Dressage show, Masterson Station   Blue Horse entries

7/26                          Stone Place Mini-Trial, CT & DR show. Contact Debbie Iezzi.

7/30-8/2                  Cobblestone Farms HT, Dexter MI.  *Other option - mandatory NAYC training session


Every Wed –              Summerbird DR Julie Congleton 859-533-9924; malcomsmom@gmail.com

8/1                          KDA Schooling, Masterson Station, Lex

8/1-2                       River Glenn Summer HT, New Market TN 

8/7-9                      Hotter than Blue Blazes, USDF, Majestic Farm, Batavia OH

8/8                         Long Run Hunter Pace at Brownsboro Farm.   laurawilhem@yahoo.com  

8/9                         Champagne Run Mini Trial, Dressage & CT champagnerun.com

8/8/9                        Brave Horse DR USDF, Johnstown, OH

8/12                        Wed @ Flying Cross/Jumping Derby Whitney Drury 558-3786, whitneyld18@gmail.com

8/15                        Deadline for paperwork and entry fees to be a member of any YR Team Challenge team

8/15-17                    Indiana DR, USDF   HHP

8/17                        Long Run Hunter Pace - rain date

8/18                          Spring Run Mini-Trial    N-BS. Contact Susan Harris

8/23                        Nancy Newton Memorial CT.  Contact Dylan Newton 859-489-3375

8/25-30                   American Eventing Championships, KHP.  Qualifications listed at useventing.com  


*9/1                        *Opening date for Team Challenge, 3-days and Long 2*

9/6                           Blackhorse Stable Mini-Trial   N-BS     Contact Rachel Miles

9/5-6                      MSEDA Dressage at the Park I/II, KHP

9/11-13                     Flying Cross HT & Jumper Derby      Contact Mary for Jumper Derby 

9/19                        Stone Place Hunter Show, sarah.younger@yahoo.com, 502-938-0556

9/20                       Stone Place Jumper Show, sarah.younger@yahoo.com, 502-938-0556 

9/25-27                     Jump Start HT & Area 8 Championships, KHP     

9/25-27                   Surefire HT, Purcellville VA    


10/10                        CT & DR Schooling, Majestic Farm, Batavia OH

10/10-11                   Middle TN PC HT, Nashville TN     

10/10-11                   Kentucky DR Fall, USDF   KHP

10/14-18                  Hagyard Team Challenge HT & 3D, KHP.  Long 2*; T & P 3-Days 

10/14-18                  Maryland 5* at Fair Hill, Elkton MD

10/24                      Harvest Thyme USDF, Majestic Farm, Batavia OH

10/24-25                  Chattahoochee Hills HT, Fairburn GA

10/29-11/1                Virginia HT, Lexington VA    Long 1*, 2*, 3*; Short 2*, 3*

10/31-11/1                  Octoberfest HT, CT, & DR Show, KHP   champagnerun.com


11/1                        LDS DR Schooling Show, Flying Cross

11/7-8                    River Glenn HT, New Market TN  

11/7-8                      Flying Cross Mini-Trial & DR show   BN-BS.  Contact Mary Lowry

11/7-8                    Turkey Trot Schooling, Majestic Farm, Batavia OH

11/15                      Green Acres PC CT & Mini-Trial, Cincinnati OH    EqCtrMgr@green-acres.org

11/12-15                  Ocala Jockey Club     Long 2*, 3*, 4*; Short 4*

11/22                      KDA Schooling, Spring Run

11/28-29                   Pine Top Thanksgiving HT, Thomson GA