Boarding Options 


Full Care Board

-use of boarders tack room 

-large fields with run in sheds and salt and mineral blocks

-use of farm’s facilities including arena and jumps

-grain as needed fed 3x per day up to 10lbs per day

-hay as needed fed 3x per day up to 6 flakes per day

-flymasks put on and blanketing as needed up to 2x per day

-stall either am or pm according to farm schedule

-stall cleaned 1+x per day


Lay Up Board

-everything above

-stall 24 hours per day

-fresh water 2x per day

-stall cleaned 2x per day


Training Board

-everything included with full board

-4-5 rides per week by Mandy


Training Board to Sell

-everything included with training board

-an ad on our site until your horse sells

-Mandy will arrange and show your horse to potential buyers

-A 10% commission from the total sell price of your horse will also be due


Contact Tuscany Hollow Stables for current board rates and availibility at 502-551-4142



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